Date: 06 Ara 2013
Cat: Waffle Moulds

100x100x40cm 20cm Ribbed Waffle Slab Mould





1-The most known and known type of waffle moulds.
2-The most cost effective way of production even the demand is very low. 10pcs production can be applied profitably.
3-Has a limited design elasticity, no problem what you need.
4-Can be produced and modified easily by hand.
5-The main material is glass fiber and the exposed surface is very hard, smooth and shiny better than the alternatives.
6-Has the advantage of extra reinforcement with iron or wood against the outside pressure.
7-Has the elasticity of strenght modes by changing the material, thickness and the process.
8-Easy to demoulding
9-Life of the mould can be well in excess of 50 uses with no deflection and bending under concrete.
10-Lighter than metals and heavier than thermoplastics.
11-All projects can be applied with no restriction.
12-Easy to repair and not costly.
13-Ideal for rigidity and elasticity for a mould.
14-Maximum heat deflection temperature with minimum bending under curing condition. Best advantage against thermoplastics.
15-Has a good and familiar second hand value in market.
16-The finished floor provides an attractive visual feature beter than the alternatives.